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Signature Dental Clinic Sliema Malta

Dental Clinic in Sliema - Malta

Your smile speaks volumes about you; it’s your Signature. Trust us to give your mouth the Signature care it deserves: bespoke high-quality dental care without compromise.

Our treatment philosophy is founded on education and prevention and we provide a comprehensive list of dental treatments ranging from basic to advanced for patients of all ages. We seek to provide care that meets the standards set by the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners, and the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons (UK). Our team pledges its commitment to excellence in both customer service and treatment provision.


Dr Simon Muscat  BChD, MFDS RCS(Ed), MJDF RCS(Lon), MMedSci (Dental Implantology), FCGDent

Dr. Muscat is a general dental practitioner with a true passion for his profession and a special interest in surgical and aesthetic restorative dentistry. He is also experienced in Invisalign orthodontic treatment with aligners, having provided this service since 2018. Out of work, he enjoys spending most of his spare time with family, and is a father of two toddlers.

After graduating from the University of Malta in 2003, Dr. Muscat relocated to North-East England in 2005. He settled in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne for 11 years, investing heavily in post-graduate education throughout his stay. He has attended courses across the UK by some of the most eminent dentists and institutions before completing a Masters Degree in dental implantology in 2017 at the University of Sheffield. Between 2009 and 2015 he ran his own dental practice in Whitley Bay; also working as a vocational trainer with the Northern Deanery during this time, helping to mentor newly qualified dentists.  Dr. Muscat is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of both London and Edinburgh. He has recently been awarded a Fellowship by the UK’s College of General Dentistry in recognition for expertise and dedication to excellence within the field.



A thorough examination is necessary to create a treatment plan.

X-rays are part of a comprehensive examination and are required both for new patients and as part of routine examination at varying intervals.


Patient Consultation/Examination Eur35

Digital Consultation/Examination Eur65

Intra-oral X-ray Eur15

Panoramic X-ray Eur75

Cone beam CT scan Eur135


Scaling & Polish / Therapy for Gum disease Eur55 to Eur120

Extraction Eur80 to Eur550

Cosmetic Filling Eur80 to Eur250

Full Ceramic Crown Eur550

Denture Eur350 to Eur650


Tooth Whitening Eur300


Invisalign Eur2000 to Eur4500 (including first 12-month supply of Vivera retainers)


Dental Implant (Straumann Implant & Zirconia crown) Eur2000

All-on-4 Implant Rehabilitation Eur14,000 (per arch)

Bone Grafting from Eur400



Client Testimonials

“A top-notch clinic with excellent facilities and service! Dr Muscat is a true professional. He made me feel comfortable right from the start, and his care and work ethic are second to none! The parking facility right next to the clinic makes a dental visit in the heart of Sliema hassle-free. Highly recommended.”

S. Attard Bugeja

“Definitely a top notch experience A-Z! Fantastically equipped, thorough consultation, briefing and specifically tailored treatment plan, couldn’t have asked for anything better! Also child-friendly and parking facilities available, so super convenient and accessible! Highly recommended and taking medical services to the next level, well done Dr Muscat!”

T. Engerer

“Great service - Dr Muscat and his staff are fantastic at putting you at ease, never had a more straightforward dental treatment! Definitely recommend the practice. (And the parking is a neat touch!)”

M. Sammut

“Went for the whitening treatment and over the moon with the results! Dr Muscat made me feel super comfortable and walked me through the procedure making the experience quick and easy.”

M. Fenech Adami

“I had an emergency on a Friday, in the evening, and Simon managed to fit me in the very next day, as soon as possible. Quite impressive since, compared to other clinics, I never had this efficiency. His attention to detail is remarkable and you can clearly see that this is not only a job for him, but it is his passion. Highly recommended.”

V. Strambini

"Fantastic clinic, made to feel welcome and comfortable from the beginning... Top of the range equipment! Thorough check up where each step was explained in detail... Can't recommend Signature Dental enough!!!”

A. O' Reilly

"A central and welcoming clinic, with parking facilities which makes life much easier in Sliema. Dr Muscat is a one in a million! A true professional in the industry - second to none! Thank you for making the visit to the dentist, that much better!”

D. Bonello

"Dr Muscat and his assistant were very polite and efficient. They responded to my message in a minute even though it was before opening hours and they fit me in the same day which was a huge help. Can only recommend them, super service and good price!”

L. Zornanszky

"Excellent service and top notch experience. They do not try to trap you with any unnecessary treatments or procedures or products. They thoroughly check all issues then reveal clearly all treatment plans and costs from the beginning. A special shout out to Dr Muscat, a very skilful, passionate and experienced dentist, the least painful injection on my gum ever says a lot about his experiences. Last but not least, the prices are very reasonable with the result and services you get. The only criticism, if there is any, it would be to put a sign on the door because I nearly couldn't find the place. I'd rate Signature Dental with 5 stars and a thumbs up. To make me actually write my first ever online review, it tells how much I'm satisfied with them. Money was well spent. Keep up the good work.”

E. Wongso

Dr Simon Muscat Signature Dental Clinici

Dental Treatment

To us, dentistry is an equal blend of healthcare and artistry. We only use dental materials of the highest quality, the latest dental technology and techniques backed by scientific research, to help us deliver 21st century treatment to all our patients. Cleanliness is a top priority, which is also why we use many single-use items to treat our patients. Taking the time to establish good communication is at the centre of our caring approach, empowering patients to make the decisions that matter to them. Our vast experience in this field as well as our thirst for new knowledge helps us deliver long-lasting treatments both ethically and safely. We will take the time to deliver a product that we are proud of and that you are happy to show off!

  • Oral Examination

    Probably the most important step, a thorough check-up allows us to deliver tailored preventive advice and a treatment plan to our patients. We’ll routinely carry out a series of checks to rule out oral and dental diseases, excessive tooth wear and tear, and check that your jaw joint is healthy. Digital photos and low-dose x-rays are followed by us explaining what our findings were and what your options are. Don’t wait until it hurts to come and visit us... Prevention is better than cure. We now offer a digital examination service where we can compare digital scans of your mouth between separate examinations in order to evaluate any tooth and gum changes over time. Contact us to find out more

  • Oral Hygiene

    This is the foundation of successful dental care. Simple. Our Signature gum treatments target bad breath, bleeding gums or advanced gum disease and help you smile (and smooch!) with confidence. Since our main focus is prevention, we will always invest heaps of time coaching you to become a champion at your daily home care regime. Contact us to find out more

  • Paediatric Dentistry

    We love working with kids! We would like to help children develop the right sort of dietary and oral hygiene habits early on, which is proven to help them have a healthy full set of adult teeth later in life. Our treatment options for kids are up-to-date with modern dentistry and are always focused on saving children's teeth with long-lasting solutions where possible. Contact us to find out more

  • TMD

    Are you experiencing frequent headaches, neck-aches, jaw joint tenderness, or notice a clicking sound when opening or closing your mouth? These are symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and are often brought on by stress and an underlying tooth grinding or tooth clenching habit. We have a special interest in treating TMD and are perfectly placed to help you. Contact us to find out more

  • Tooth Wear

    For those of us who are tooth grinders, aggressive tooth-brushers or who have consumed lots of acidic drinks, tooth wear and tear is also an important issue to tackle. We can even detect and treat these very early on so that it will never worsen. Our treatments range from examining your bite right through to providing a suitable mouth guard or rebuilding your teeth back to their former glory. Contact us to find out more

  • Snoring

    Does your partner grumble about you snoring? We can help by providing a customised anti-snoring appliance to be worn at night-time, which is definitely more comfortable than being banished to the spare room. Contact us to find out more

  • Fillings

    We are an amalgam-free practice, meaning we don’t fill teeth with silver fillings. Instead, we excel at fillings that have a natural shape and tooth-colour… Can you spot the filling?! Modern day plastic white fillings are very durable and cosmetic, however, it is also possible to upgrade to ceramic (porcelain) ones. Contact us to find out more

  • Crowns

    There are times when a filling is just not sufficient to provide the strength a tooth needs to function properly. A crown acts as a shield around the tooth, offering reinforcement. We can provide different types of crowns to suit your needs. The more cosmetic ceramic crowns provide a totally natural appearance without the use of metal in their structure. Contact us to find out more

  • Veneers

    Smile makeover, anyone? Tooth size, shape and proportion can be modified thanks to the porcelain veneer, and forward planning helps plan the final result before we even start. Done properly, this artistic treatment option is a game changer. Contact us to find out more

  • Root Canal Treatment

    Fear not! If your tooth is damaged enough to need this sort of help, we are armed to the ‘teeth’ to help make this a painless and very successful procedure. With the latest knowledge and technology at hand, we will get to the 'root' of the problem, and you can hang on to a problem-free tooth! Contact us to find out more

  • Tooth Whitening

    In the right hands and with the right products, tooth whitening is a very effective treatment and most definitely safe for our teeth. Things like curries, red wine, tea, coffee, smoking and age all make our teeth dull and darker over time. We offer exceptional power whitening options to suit your lifestyle and achieve the tooth colour you’ve always wanted. Contact us to find out more

  • Orthodontics

    It's never been easier to have those straight teeth you've always desired, and there’s no age limit either! We are proud to provide Invisalign clear braces, which are removable and can help you comfortably achieve that perfect smile in a way that adapts to your lifestyle. Invisalign is now suitable for children and teenagers too! Dr. Simon has several years of experience in using the Invisalign system and can guide you depending on your needs. Contact us to find out more

  • Dental Implants

    We can help replace any number of missing teeth with the help of the latest dental technology. We ensure treatments are carried out under sterile conditions with the use of several disposable items to guarantee your safety and our success. Your smile can be restored to a perfectly natural appearance, helping you to eat and laugh with confidence again. Dr. Simon has received extensive training and has ample experience in this field. Contact us to find out more

  • Dentures

    Our denture portfolio is vast, and can be suited to your particular needs. We can even provide top end dentures that fit like a glove and look just like natural teeth. Nobody has to know… Contact us to find out more

  • Tooth Removal

    Sometimes this is inevitable. Whatever the case, don’t panic, we’ll be kind, gentle and understanding. Contact us to find out more

  • Anxious Patients

    For those patients who may require more than our very friendly and patient patient-centered approach, we can put your fears to ‘sleep’. We work with several anaesthetists who can certainly bring out a more sedate and relaxed you for the duration of your dental treatment. Contact us to find out more

  • Botulinum Toxin

    In dentistry, Botulinum Toxin can be used to reduce the appearance of a 'gummy' smile as well as help in the treatment of overgrown muscles of mastication (these are the muscles used in chewing), which are usually present in those who clench and grind their teeth extensively. Contact us to find out more

  • Endoret® (PRGF®)

    We are proud to be users of this biotechnology. It's use in dental medicine favours quicker and more predictable healing, reducing not only the pain & swelling after surgery, but also the risk of infection. By using your own blood, we can stimulate healing of wounds eg: after a tooth extraction. This blood from your own body is put through a centrifugation and fractioning process to produce a Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF). This patented process is FDA and CE approved so you have the comfort of knowing you’re in safe hands. Contact us to find out more

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Our online shop sells a small selection of products that we have tried and tested and believe would be helpful to maintaining good oral health.

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108/1, Sir Adrian Dingli Street, Sliema SLM1907


We operate by appointment only, which allows us to run on time and offer a better service. We offer Emergency appointments for dealing with urgent problems, or Check-up appointments where an examination and treatment plan will be performed. Additional appointments will be arranged as required.

Opening Hours:
Monday & Thursday 08:15 – 13:00 & 14:00 – 18:00

Tuesday & Friday 08:15 – 13:00

Wednesday 14:00 – 20:00

By appointment only

If you are unable to attend for your appointment, please contact us 48 hours in advance so that we may offer the appointment to somebody else in need.

Public Transport:
Route 21 – Please alight at ‘Huber’ stop.

Facilities are available in our underground car park for the duration of your appointment.  Phone us on 27 036 039, 2 minutes prior to your arrival so that we may open the garage door.  Park on level -2 in spaces 4 or 5 then walk back up the ramp to road level.